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July 27, 2016

How to Find a Good Plumber Whether it’s a small or a big project, choosing the wrong plumber will not only cause problems for you and your family; it can also drain your wallet. So rather than simply hiring the first one you see, you should spend doing a little research to be sure that the work proceeds as smoothly as possible. The following are six ways of finding a reliable plumber: 1. Personal Referrals
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The best way to find a good plumber is through a recommendation by someone you trust. Ask them all – friends, neighbors, relatives, coworkers – if they know someone who’s done a good job for their plumbing before. If you know an electrician or a home builder, they can probably give you referrals too. Tell the plumber who referred you and you might just get a discount!
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2. Tradesman Schemes Check with tradesmen schemes that are created particularly for tradesmen who have been vetted and have demonstrated their skills. Two examples of these schemes are Buy With Confidence and Approved Trader Scheme, which are both operated by government-approved providers or according to Trading Standards. Their websites usually have plumber databases that you can search just by typing in your postcode, and then you will see names of those who are registered in your area. 3. Review Websites and Social Media As usual, the world wide web is there to make the job a much easier for you. Small businesses and independent tradesmen often don’t have the money to advertise in traditional media. Instead, they rely on review websites such as TrustATrader and Top Tradespeople, which features user reviews of their services posted by clients they’ve worked with. Basically, this is an expanded referral search. Of course, you can check with the social media as well. Most people today troop to the social media when they want to criticize or praise a certain tradesman or company they have worked with. If the plumber you’re considering has a Twitter or Facebook account, check their feed and pay attention to how they interact with the people. 4. Phone Quotes Even if it’s not the most important crucial for selecting a plumber, your budget is still important. On the phone, get at least three price estimates from three different plumbers; if there’s a quote that seems too high or too low in comparison to others, find out the reason. They may not give you an exact figure until they’ve personally seen the job, but you can at least get a good picture of who’s the most and least expensive among your choices. 5. Client References Don’t hesitate to ask plumbers for client references, and when you get some, call them and talk to them. There’s no one who can speak better about plumbers than those who have hired them in the past.

Reports: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

July 25, 2016

Criminal Background Checks and Their Relevance

When someone commits a crime, they are usually recorded in the system, and they have criminal records against their names. Criminal records are usually reports that consist of all criminal activities that one has been involved in a consolidated manner. Military, pre-employment, executive as well as personal reasons are why people conduct criminal background checks on others. The criminal activities and arrests that an individual has committed are verified during the background checks. The social security details of an individual is what is used during running of the background check on a person. This work is usually conducted by criminal background investigation companies as they present a full report which contains the crime details.

Criminals are not the only people who go through background checks contrary to what most people belief. Landlords and employers also conduct background checks on their tenants or job applicants before hiring them or letting them into their building. This will come in handy to ensure that the people they are working with have no criminal records against their names. As compared to getting free criminal records, these people prefer paid ones as they get them access to various details that are not presented in free reports. Parents also run background checks on nannies they are willing to employ in order to ensure that their kids are safe with them.

Most financial or educational institutions conduct background checks on job applicants due to the delicate state of their transactions. While it is legal to conduct background checks on your employees, it is illegal to ask for their genetic or medical records before hiring them. Some companies usually hire private investigation agencies to run the checks on these individuals as they don’t trust free reports. When doing so, one requires to get the permission of the applicant or employee beforehand as failure to do so would be a violation of their privacy and illegal.

Conducting background checks have a variety of benefits especially for companies. Cases of violence and dishonesty in the workplace are significantly reduced and these companies are able to hire skilled and competent employees. An employer can also be able to avoid negative publicity especially that might taint their name or brand which takes a toll on their transactions. Doing background checks minimize chances of this happening as one is assured of their employees’ clear records. It is imperative for an employer to provide a safe environment for other employees which is why conducting these checks is important.

Objective information is provided to hiring managers with these checks which will help them to hire the right ones. Most applicants have false records or claims that they present to their employers which is why background checks are important. These checks will also help an employer to avoid cases of fraud or theft in the workplace.